Task Workers

You can now reliably schedule tasks as per your business needs. Simply write workers and schedule them, the platform will fire events and call the corresponding event handlers for your application.

Automation at its finest

Perform finite, time-related tasks that run once or repeatedly at a time that you specify. You can use a Worker to run independent but related work items in parallel: sending emails, syncing objects, scanning database, etc.

Offload tasks

Run background code for your applications. While you can create server policies to be triggered on user actions, you may not always want to react to an event - sometimes you want to perform an action based on a time interval. For example, you could clean up extra data in your database every night, or run analysis on your Analytics data every hour, or sync your database references every morning. Scheduled Workers are best for such tasks to reliably trigger code execution at a regular interval.

  • Easy to setup
  • Write once, run multiple times
  • Executes quitely in background
  • Excellent for generating daily reports and alerts
  • Integrate with existing applications