OBTO Platform

OBTO is a platform with a wide range of services & features integrated into a single platform. That means you have access to powerful tools that will empower you to build modern applications faster and easier than ever. Super fast development, low maintenance costs, great performance and easy scaling.

Built for developers

OBTO is built for Developers, Software Agencies and SaaS Vendors. It is built for those wanting to focus on software development and application itself, instead of time-consuming repetitive tasks, server and infrastructure configurations, and maintenance.

For Any Application

Developing on OBTO Platform means you can build professional Software: from a modern web or mobile application to your own SaaS platform, without having to think about infrastructure, reliability, or performance. Of course, you can develop in the language you prefer.

  • API Engine
  • Scheduled Workers
  • Secure
  • Datastores
  • Scalable platform per your need
  • AI driven analytics
  • User roles management
  • Data access policies
  • Reporting
  • Developer Platform

Identity & Security

Our platform is designed, built, and operated with security at its core. We protect your data by monitoring, detecting, and proactively preventing security incidents. Take advantage of the secure-by-design infrastructure and built-in protection that comes with our platform. Using our role based idently management, as a developer, you have complete controll ono who has access to your data within your organization.

Cloud Datastore

  • Highly-scalable NoSQL database for your applications.
  • Access data instantly from any data stores.
  • Manage user access to your data stores for security.
  • Run complex queries and data aggregations to analyze Big Data.
  • Easy to use query language.

Management Tools

An integrated monitoring, logging and diagnostics tool for application development. Logs retention and powerfull logs search allow you to easily debug you application. Use the real-time application debugging to debug errors and bugs in your application during development and production.

IoT application ready

  • Configured and optimized message queues for IoT, ready in seconds.
  • MQTT protocal is a perfect solution for "Internet of Things" messaging between low power sensors or embedded computers.
  • Use Websocket client to view messages pushed from your device to the browser or publish messages from the browser to your device.
  • Designed and built for distributed architecture.
  • Connect, Collect & Analyse.

Our Platform